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PHP Convert RGB from/to HTML hex color

This article provides two functions for converting HTML color (like #AAED43) to three RGB values ($r = 170, $g = 237, $b = 67) and converting RGB values to HTML color.
  • PHP 3, 4
  • PHP 5
  • First function, html2rgb recognizes HTML or CSS colors in format #(hex_red)(hex_green)(hex_blue), where hex_red, hex_green and hex_blue are 1 or 2-digit hex-representations of red, green or blue color components.

    # character in the beginning can be omitted. Function returns array of three integers in range (0..255) or false when it fails to recognize color format.

    source code: php
    function html2rgb($color)
        if (
    $color[0] == '#')
    $color substr($color1);

        if (
    strlen($color) == 6)
    $r$g$b) = array($color[0].$color[1],
        elseif (
    strlen($color) == 3)
    $r$g$b) = array($color[0].$color[0], $color[1].$color[1], $color[2].$color[2]);

    $r hexdec($r); $g hexdec($g); $b hexdec($b);

        return array(

    Second function, rgb2html converts its arguments (r, g, b) to hexadecimal html-color string #RRGGBB Arguments are converted to integers and trimmed to 0..255 range. It is possible to call it with array argument rgb2html($array_of_three_ints) or specifying each component value separetly rgb2html($r, $g, $b).

    source code: php
    function rgb2html($r$g=-1$b=-1)
        if (
    is_array($r) && sizeof($r) == 3)
    $r$g$b) = $r;

    $r intval($r); $g intval($g);
    $b intval($b);

    $r dechex($r<0?0:($r>255?255:$r));
    $g dechex($g<0?0:($g>255?255:$g));
    $b dechex($b<0?0:($b>255?255:$b));

    $color = (strlen($r) < 2?'0':'').$r;
    $color .= (strlen($g) < 2?'0':'').$g;
    $color .= (strlen($b) < 2?'0':'').$b;

    Here is an example php-application which uses both of the functions: HTML Gradient Builder. It takes two HTML-color values and draws 21 gradient-strips using HTML/CSS <div style="background-color... > code.

    source code: php
    // paste rgb2html and html2rgb functions here 
    <html><head><title>HTML Gradient Builder </title></head><body>
    <form action="<?php echo $PHP_SELF?>">
    <label for="source_color">Source color</label><br>
    <input type="text" name="source_color" id="source_color" value="<?php
    if (isset($_GET['source_color']))
    <label for="dest_color">Destination color</label><br>
    <input type="text" name="dest_color" id="dest_color" value="<?php
    if (isset($_GET['dest_color']))
    <input type="submit" value="draw gradient">
    Try colors:
    <li>#000 - white</li>
    <li>#00F - blue</li>
    <li>#0F0 - green</li>
    <li>#F00 - red</li>
    <ul><li>F0F - magenta</li>
    <li>0FF - cyan</li>
    <li>FF0 - yellow</li>
    // if there source_color and dest_color parameters have passed to the script
    if (isset($_GET['source_color']) && isset($_GET['dest_color']))
    $src_color html2rgb($_GET['source_color']);
    $dst_color html2rgb($_GET['dest_color']);
    $step_color[$i] = ( $dst_color[$i] - $src_color[$i] ) / 20.0;
    // step_color array contains difference between adjacent color stripes
    $html_out ''// html code container
    // generate color stripe code
    $line '<div style="background-color: '.rgb2html($src_color).';">&nbsp;</div>';
    $html_out .= "{$line}\n"// save color stripe to display HTML code later
    echo $line// output color stripe to browser

    for($i=0$i<3$i++) // incrementing each color component
    $src_color[$i] += $step_color[$i];
    <h1>HTML Code:</h1>
    // output HTML code replacing < and > with &lt; and &gt;
    echo strtr($html_out, array('&' => '&amp;',
    '<' => '&lt;',
    '>'=> '&gt;'));
  • Function html2rgb simply skips every non-hex symbol in the input string. It may return zero values for non-hex color components.
  • tested 
  • FreeBSD 5.2 :: PHP 5.1.6
  • Linux :: PHP 4.4.4

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