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Postfix anti-spam filtering

This article explain simple way to set up RBL anti-spam filter for Postfix MTA.
  • Postfix 2.x version
  • RBL stands for Real-time Blackhole List. RBL is a special DNS-based service which supports database of spam-compromised IP adresses. Some mail servers, including Postfix support RBL checking of sender IP(and blocking mail), which allows to reduce amount of incoming spam.

    To enable RBL anti-spam filtering, add following line to config file:

    config file:

    This example uses RBL service, which filters considerable quantity of spam, while passing through nearly all non-spam letters.

    Some others RBL services may block more spam, however, there is also a chance that they will not pass a legal, non-spam letter(false positive result).

    Use search engine to find other RBL lists. Example queries:

    • RBL list
    • DNSBL list

  • Use RBL services carefully, or you may experience problems with non-spam mail receiving
  • This is most simple and not quite accurate solution. It is possible, that more complicated anti-spam software will work better.
  • There is no automated, 100% accurate spam-filters
  • tested 
  • FreeBSD 6.1 :: Postfix 2.3.2

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