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Restrict Apache web site visitors to specific ip addresses

Sometimes it is necessary to forbid access to your web pages to anybody, except some users with known IP, for example, restrict access to testing server. .htaccess file is per-directory configuration file of well-spread web-server Apache and it is possible to control access to your files adding special dirictives there.
  • Apache 1.x/2.x
  • Apache module mod_authz_host (Apache 2.x) and mod_access (Apache 1.3) has directives

    • Allow, quotation from apache docs:

      The Allow directive affects which hosts can access an area of the server. Access can be controlled by hostname, IP Address, IP Address range, or by other characteristics of the client request captured in environment variables.

      The first argument to this directive is always from. The subsequent arguments can take three different forms. If Allow from all is specified, then all hosts are allowed access...

    • Deny, quotation from apache docs:
      This directive allows access to the server to be restricted based on hostname, IP address, or environment variables. The arguments for the Deny directive are identical to the arguments for the Allow directive.

    The subsequent Allow from and Deny from arguments may be

    • A full IP adress, like
    • A partial IP adress, like 10.1 (head part of IP)
    • network/netmask or CIDR (see apache documentation)

    Following example will restrict everybody from accessing the pages, except users with IP beginning with 192.168 (local network) and for some user from the Internet with ip adress ""

    config file: .htaccess
    Deny from all
    Allow from 192.168 
    Allow from

    To use this example, change IP-addresses to your preferred values and put these lines to .htaccess file(create it, if it does not exist).

  • Some hosting providers may reconfigure apache to use some other file instead of .htaccess
  • Some hosting providers could completely or partly disable .htaccess file configuration
  • tested 
  • FreeBSD 5.2 :: Apache 1.3
  • Linux :: Apache 2.2

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